Earn your lucky-Point

Sharing Luckiness of Web3

How To Get Lucky-Point:

After the activity is successful, you will get LuckyPoint (1BNB = 100,000 lucky-point)

LuckyPoint Rights:

LuckyPoint can get mining rewards in the lucky-point prize pool in the future

LuckyPoint Mining mechanism

  • In order to encourage users to join in lucky draws, LuckyFi will provide 30,000,000 (thirty million) $LUCK tokens as a reward. The initial output rate of the mining pool is 30,000 (thirty thousand) $LUCK/day, and it will decline 1‰ daily. After all participants successfully join the lucky draws, the system will issue lucky points of the same amount according to the paid BNB. The lucky points claimed by user will be added to the total points. The $LUCK tokens from the pool will be split proportionally according to the accumulated lucky points of each user.
  • Lucky points will continue to accumulate until the user claim his lucky draw/mining reward. Lucky points will be cleared up once the user claim the reward. So the more you spend on lucky draws, the more rewards you will get.