Welcome to LuckyFi!

Sharing Luckiness of Web3

What is LuckyFi?

LuckyFi is a Web3.0 marketing platform based on BSC, which uses Chainlink VRF to provide fair and transparent activity tools for Web3.0 users. It not only serves users with the opportunity to obtain high-value NFTs and tokens at very low costs, but also enable users to hold and join in various activities on LuckyFi platform. Moreover, LuckyFi has established a LuckyPoint prize pool in order to encourage users to actively participate in the activity. After successful participation, users will get a corresponding amount of LuckyPoint, with which users can share the prize pool. LuckyFi provides more benefits for users and more marketing activities for projects and communities. LuckyFi aims to become a gathering place for Web3.0 users and provide convenient marketing tools. In the future, it will provide diversified activities by connecting various Web3.0 projects and communities, so that all participants of the platform can share the growth of LuckyFi through a common governance mechanism.

What did LuckyFi solve?

  • Fairness and transparency: LuckyFi uses Chainlink VRF to ensure fairness and transparency, and all results can be queried on the chain.
  • Convenient and easy to operate: You only need to connect your wallet to choose activities you like to join directly.
  • Mass aggregation of users: LuckyFi provides users with the opportunity to harvest high-value NFTs and tokens at very low costs, maximizing user participation in activities.
  • Improve NFT liquidity: Poor NFT liquidity is a common issue. LuckyFi improves NFT liquidity through continuous activities.
  • DID: LuckyFi will keep gathering Web3 users and cooperating with various communities. It is planned to establish a DID identity tag in Q2 of 2023 to realize the construction of a Web3 social mode. The capture of individual on-chain behavior meets the need of transparent identity sharing on the chain. Projects such as on-chain social plazas quantify on-chain behavior and become a visual platform for individual behavior. In addition, users can also choose to tie their account to the Web2.0 social platform -Twitter. This is a much richer resume presentation interface for users with influence or plenty historical data in Web2.0. For the whole LuckyFi platform, it is a more mature user portrait system for optimizing its product-related marketing activities.